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Mr. Givens, who is certified as a Jump Stretch fitness instructor, incorporates the Jump Stretch technique into his fitness conditioning regimens for athletes. In short, Jump Stretch uses Flex Bands that attach to a barbell providing constant resistance throughout the range-of-motion of an exercise. Consequently, athletes become more explosive in power movements, such as squat, deadlift and bench press. Moreover, studies by Dr. William J. Kraemer at Penn State University and Dan Wathen at Youngstown State University have shown significant improvements in an athlete's performance while using the Jump Stretch method. In addition, Flex Bands are beneficial for stretching and flexibility. Terrance offers his clients Flex Bands and a proven program for resistance training. Flex Bands come in a plethora of resistances and sizes. It is recommended that you receive proper training from a certified fitness instructor before using the bands on your own. Note: Colors and width sizes of Flex Bands may vary from the pictures in this catalog.

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5 to 25 lbs. of resistance. 1/2in wide.

Monster Mini-Band

10 to 35 lbs. of resistance. 1/2in wide.

Light Band

30 to 50 lbs. of resistance. 1 1/8in wide.

Average Band

65 to 85 lbs. of resistance. 1 3/4in wide.

Strong Band

80 to 100 lbs. of resistance. 2 1/2in wide.

Monster Band

200 lbs. of resistance. 4in wide.


Has tubular steel bars at the ends that form a slot for bands. Allows the lifter to perform a variety of lifts that cannot be done with bands alone, such as squats and deadlifts.

Extra Wide Base

Same as the Base, just wider for additional support.