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The vast majority of NFL, NBA and college speed and conditioning programs have incorporated weight vests or other weighted clothing in order to improve an individual’s stamina, facilitate weight loss, build more muscle, or increase speed. In addition, a phase three study conducted by the National Institute on Aging has found weight vest training to be a safer alternative to traditional resistance exercises in improving functional performance for older adults. However, prior to 1996, there were limitations placed on what training could be done with weighted clothing because of its bulkiness and non-breathable material. In that year, Ironwear introduced a soft flexible polymer called Flex-Metal, a totally new patent weight technology destined to replace weighted vests made up of metal bars or loose shot. This unique material, available only from Ironwear Fitness, has expanded the potential uses for weighted clothing. Thus, Ironwear is the only weight system to gain Reebok’s endorsement. Ironwear is available as vests, pants, belts, shoe, ankle, and hand weights.

Uni-Vest Short

The 10lbs. vest can be increased to 20 lbs with additional flex-metal weight.

UnderVest Short

Fits under a Uni-Vest to provide more weight. No weights are included. Adds up to 24lbs.

Uni-Vest Long

The 20lbs. vest can be increased to 40 lbs with additional flex-metal weight.

UnderVest Short

Fits under a Uni-Vest to provide more weight. No weights are included. Adds up to 37lbs.


This weight vest is ideal for longer distance runners who prefer reduced bulkiness than traditional weight vests and a very breathable fabric. Provides 10 lbs of weight.

Silver Jr. Cool Vest

This vest is designed for kids and has a weight of 3.25 lbs.


Provides 10 lbs. of weight. Can be increased to 20lbs with additional flex-metal weight.

Shoe Iron

Adjustable to fit over most shoes. Each iron weighs 1.5 lbs, 3lbs total.

Hand-Wrist Irons

Each Iron weighs 3lbs, 6lb total.

Iron Belt

Provides 10 lbs. of weight.


Med-Ball is a flex metal alternative to the traditional medicine ball. Provides 8 lbs. of weight. Other weights available 10lb-$29.99 and 6lb-$19.99.

BatWing Pro Speed

BatWing Pro Speed is a high speed jump rope designed for advanced workouts.

BatWing Jump Rope

BatWing is a 9 foot non adjustable heavy rubber jump rope designed for all around training, endurance, weight loss, and medium speed work.

BatWing Digital Jump Rope

BATWING Digital Pro is IRONWEAR’s digital jump rope with adjustable rope tip and rubber rope. The BATWING Digital Pro™ has an electronic talking trainer and display to help you monitor and improve your jumping.

Speed Pants

Speed Pants are IRONWEAR’s revolutionary new lower body high performance speed tool. This is a great patented system for building explosive legs, is a must for volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, and track athletes. And is great way to help the athletes train to lift their feet higher.