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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jacob Schiller and beginning in the end of January I began working out with Terrance Givens to improve my speed and overall muscle. I play soccer and lacrosse for Taylor Allderdice High School and I play soccer for PA West. Since I started working out with Terrance, I have been able to notice many differences both on the field and off. My physical body is visibly in much better shape as well as my performance has improved. My coaches have commented several times to me that the work I have been doing has greatly improved my play and that they are very impressed. Several of my teachers as well as family friends have commented on how much more fit I look. My effort would be nothing without Terrance and all my success can be attributed to him. Every time I go to work out I dread it because Terrance always works me hard, but I always return because I know that what he has been doing for me has had a direct and positive effect on my athletic success.

Jacob Schiller

To whom it May Concern:

Terrance Givens was my personal trainer for five total weeks during November and December of 2000.  Our partnership began when, feeling my strength training program had become stagnate, I decided to meet with a personal trainer.  I had stopped losing body fat, and I did not appear to be getting any stronger.  When I met with Terrance and shared my goals with him-losing body fat and gaining strength-he assured me that he could help.

At the first session, Terrance suggested a warm up and showed me some stretching exercises.  After that first session, I warmed up and stretched on my own; our time together focused on strength training.  Terrance always spent at least an hour with me, usually more, and he never made me feel like I was taking up too much of his time when our time ran long.  Each session, he motivated me to go the extra mile, without pushing me too far.  And he never hesitated to provide encouragement or accolades throughout each set.

During our workouts, I used machines and tried exercises either I had never felt comfortable testing or I was not aware existed.  As a result, I often asked many questions, all of which Terrance was able to answer.  He showed genuine appreciation of my questions because he knew I was serious about working out.  And he never made me feel like I was asking unnecessary questions.  Furthermore, Terrance frequently shared aspects of his training program with me, from how often he worked out, to what he did, to what he read, and what he ate.  I tried to emulate what I thought was appropriate for me.  But just seeing his dedication to working out confirmed that I had made the right choice in a trainer.

By the time our five weeks ended, I definitely did see results.  My body fat went from 22 percent to just under 18 percent.  As important, my strength also increased.  Before we began our sessions, I could do only one "real" push up.  By the end of the five weeks, I could do 10 to 15 in one set.  Furthermore, I was able to lift more weight than I had previously, and I am continuing to make strides.

Now, when I head to the gym, not only do I feel comfortable trying the new things we worked on together, but I also am less hesitant to try different machines and exercises.  Terrance has also provided me with continued motivation.  In fact while working out, I can almost hear Terrance's voice saying: "Get this," or "That is good money," which often gives me the strength to get in one more rep or add a little more weight.  Terrance is knowledgeable, committed, and motivating, and I would definitely recommend him as a trainer to anyone.


Faith M.

Terrance has motivated me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He is not just my personal trainer; he is my coach, my teacher, my cheerleader, my therapist, and my role model. I have a tendency to be lazy, but Terrance challenges me to do more and more. He has high expectations and this instills confidence that I can achieve my goals. With Terrance Givens, it’s a given.
– Barb B.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with Terrance Givens as a personal trainer. I have been working out with Terrance for the past three years. I have been extremely pleased with the results I have seen from the program he provided. In the time that I have been working with Terrance, I have seen dramatic changes in my body composition as well as my overall health. He has helped me see the importance of a program that incorporates both nutrition and exercise.

In the time that I have been training with him, Terrance has always provided me with the information that I needed in the areas of nutrition, weight loss, supplements, and muscle building. He is able to answer the questions that I have in these areas, and is willing to provide me with tips to adjust my habits as necessary.

Terrance has been able to continuously motivate me to continue my weight lifting program as well as to begin running. When I began weight lifting, he taught me the basic skills and has since helped me to build on them to meet my changing needs. He has provided me with challenging as well as different workout routines to keep me interested.

I would recommend Terrance as personal trainer to anyone who wants to gain results from a fitness program.


Theresa A.

To Terrance:

My name is Calvin Gantt and for years I was trying to lose weight and tone up but it wasn't happening fast enough until I signed up with Terrance.  He asked what were my goals?  I told him I wanted to loose a little bit of weight and tone up some so he put me on this program and told me what to eat and what not to eat and started training me about 3X a week.  Within a month I started seeing results.   I started loosing weight and by the second month I started toning up some.  By the third month of our training I lost about 13 to 20lbs.  I was feeling better about myself and I was starting to look better.  It's been about a couple months since Terrance has been training me but everything he told me and taught me I still do to this day and if I keep doing what he told me I will have my idea look in no time.   So because of Terrance I am now a health nut and enjoy healthy foods and I never thought I would ever like healthy foods but that's mostly what I eat.  So thanks Terrance for helping me achieve my goals.

Yours Truly,

Calvin G.

Dear Terrance:

In October 2000, I joined Terrance and was looking for some help to lose weight and tone my body.  I started out at 176lbs.  That's when I was set up with some training sessions with you.  You showed me how to warm up and stretch before starting to exercise.  I was taught the correct way to use all the machines.  I'm now teaching my boyfriend how to use the machines.  I subscribe to some fitness magazines, and with what I learned while training with you, it helps me read and understand the magazine articles.

Before I started the gym, I didn't eat much because I was afraid to gain weight.  Once I was given some examples of diets and what I could eat and started to exercise, my appetite increased.  Now, I'm not afraid to eat because I know I won't gain weight if I keep exercising.  I want to thank you for the help with my diet.  You gave me an idea of what I can and what I can't have in order to see the results that I want to see.

I want to thank you very much for the help you gave me.  Now I weigh at 157.  I've lost an inch in my clothes and it feels great.  It has helped me with my self-confidence and I feel better about myself.  I have another 25-30lbs and 6-8 more sizes I would like to lose I know I can do it, if I stick with the program I was taught and keep reading the magazines on new exercises.  I will keep you in mind in the future when I would like more training sessions and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a trainer.  Thank you very much for your help and support.


Andrea W.

Almost anyone can swing a golf club.  But, hitting the ball squarely requires training.  Likewise, bench pressing a weight requires training.  Terrance Givens will not only provide training and calculate muscle mass; he will also target a specific program designed to fit you.  He will ask you about a sport related training and demonstrate each exercise properly.  He will observe your performance and decide the amount of weight, repetitions and sets comfortable for you.  Finally, he will make certain that your range of motion, use of negative resistance, and the final squeeze at the end of each rep become part of your personal technique.  In addition, he will provide nutritional information and valued helpful hints.

I am 48 years old.  I have exercised as much as the next person-well almost.  I never discovered the pump, burn, and squeeze necessary for muscle strength and development.  Terrance will get you there!  And when he coins the phrase "That's good money" you'll know what he's talking about! "It's a given!"

Sincerely and Eternally Grateful,

Pat M.